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Wise Skies Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Magic was woven into every aspect of Ancient Egypt. From mummies to tombs, and talismans to amulets, Rachel Wilkinson of Lifemancy teaches us about Egyptian magical rituals in this special interview.

*October 21st at 6p CST* Learn how to make talismans, amulets, and the unique timing for optimal magic in our Ancient...

Sep 22, 2020

October is a month to be remembered. Two Full Moons, the Mars squares, and a retrograde Mercury in a 5-month foreshadow the 5-year we will be entering in 2021. We will see chaotic reactions, escapism, and unhealed strategies to finding pleasure while avoiding pain.  Ask yourself how free you want to be from suffering....

Sep 8, 2020

Mars retrogrades every two years. During the 2020 retrograde cycle through Aries, Mars will be making a second pass over an already treacherous journey squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Symptoms include accidents, gunshots, misfires, broken bones, power-struggles, and being overly optimistic. 

Red Alert: There is...