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Wise Skies Podcast

Dec 14, 2021

Find out why January 5-7 are the best days of the month, and how to work with the shifting of the North and South Nodes while Mercury and Venus are retrograde in this special episode on the astrological weather of January 2022.

Blog post:

Astrology at a Glance


  • Venus is Retrograde
  • January 1: Sun Trine Uranus: Happy New Year!
  • January 2: New Moon at 12° Capricorn [6:33am GMT] + Mercury enters Aquarius
  • January 4: Enneagram: Find your Number Zoom workshop with April! [members-only]
  • January 6: Human Design Support Zoom 12p CST with Leisha! [members-only]
  • January 14 Mercury retrograde [Aquarius-Capricorn] through February 3
  • Jan 17: Full Moon at 27° Cancer 11:48 PM GMT
  • Jan 18: Uranus direct in Taurus + The North Node will shift into Taurus, the South Node into Scorpio. 
  • Jan 20: Sun enters Aquarius
  • Jan 24: Mars enters Capricorn
  • January 29: Venus direct in Capricorn